Sanitisers and Disinfectants
We also offer the next generation of superior disinfection products. Keeping you safe and comfortable with a range of cleaning, misting, fogging, hand sanitising products.

Sanitisers and Disinfectants

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Create a Forcefield

The next generation of superior disinfection products

Keeping you safe and comfortable with a range of cleaning, misting, fogging, hand sanitising products

Long lasting
Cost effective
Superior protection
Easy to use

Forcefield is a state-of-the-art line of disinfectants and sanitisers. Forcefield works via physically killing germs and mould, not by poisoning.

The active ingredients within Forcefield binds to most surfaces creating a nano-film with thousands of tiny spikes that penetrate the cell wall of the organism,bursting the cell like a balloon.

In other words - by mixing reactive silanes with antimicrobial agents and then applying it to a surface, you get a surface that is resistant to current & future microbial growth.

All the products in the Forcefield range are crafted using state of the art technology to bring you a long-lasting sanitiser that is superior, cost effective and safe offering long-term personal.

Available Forcefield Products

Forcefield Hand Sanitiser & Protector

Protect your hands throughout the day with just a spray!

24hr protection from germs & bacteria with Forcefield Hand Sanitiser + Protector.

Alcohol free, toxin free, and eco-friendly.

Made in Australia.

Forcefield 4-in-1 Disinfectant & Protector

Stop the spread of germs by creating a forcefield.

Forcefield’s 4in1 Disinfectant & Protector will protect your indoor areas from transferring nasty strains of germs, bacteria and mould for up to 12 months *on low touch surfaces.

Non-toxic, non-VOC eco-friendly product.

Made in Australia.

Forcefield Hand Sanitiser Spray Station

Use in communal areas for staff, customers and clients, family, and visitors.

Choose from a head unit for counter or wall installation or a stand for free standing use.

Forcefield Fogging Machine

With acompact design, this fogger is ideal for spraying in smaller spaces including domestic properties, food preparation areas, car valets and offices.

The ability to halve the noise level makes this ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.