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Uncover premier heating and cooling solutions for homes and businesses! Leveraging years of local expertise, we deliver dependable, cost-effective systems crafted specifically for you. We serve Albury Wodonga and beyond, encompassing areas like Yarrawonga, Mulwala, King Valley, and more – our dedication to expertise and excellent service extends far and wide. Opt for us due to our local expertise and personable service. We customize solutions to your distinct needs, whether it's a new installation, an upgrade, or maintenance. Immerse yourself in the finest heating and cooling experience! Reach out to us today, and our affable team will cater to your needs with unmatched dedication.

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Experience superior comfort with our high-quality heating and cooling solutions. Additionally, we stock leading brands such as Fujitsu, Daikin, Hitachi, Kaden, and MHI. As your dedicated local service agents, we've got you covered for all your comfort needs.

Split system units
Ducted reverse cycle units
Package systems
Multi-head split systems
VRV systems


Split Systems

Designed to cool or heat individual rooms, split system air conditioners offer versatile climate control. They deliver both heating and cooling, and you can install them in virtually any location. If you’re on a smaller budget, choose split systems—an economical solution to regulate temperature in specific areas of your home or office.

Opt for our market-leading, energy-efficient, and quiet split systems. Contact us to explore the best system tailored to your needs

Ducted Systems

Ducted reverse cycle systems, the pinnacle of home comfort and climate control, ensure optimal temperature year-round.

Ensure your home stays cool in summer and warm in winter through efficient ducted air conditioning.

An outdoor compressor/condenser powers the ducted air conditioning system. Meanwhile, the indoor unit, placed in the ceiling or under the floor, effectively maintains your desired climate.

Ductwork efficiently distributes conditioned air to vents or diffusers in individual rooms, providing effective and consistent heating or cooling.

Multi-head Split Systems

Effortlessly manage individual room temperatures using multi-head split system air conditioners, akin to wall-hung split systems.

The distinctive feature lies in one outdoor unit driving multiple indoor units, providing efficient climate control.

Perfect for larger spaces needing enhanced cooling, multi-head split systems serve as cost-effective alternatives to ducted systems, particularly in areas with restricted ceiling space for ductwork.

Cassette Units

Cassettes do not require ducting unless introducing fresh air, rendering them ideal for spaces with limited ceiling room, such as false ceilings.

Additionally, with cassette units, you actively maximize wall and floor space for shelving and displays, providing an ideal solution for commercial spaces, especially retail stores.

Furthermore, cassettes actively disperse air in four directions and are typically centrally positioned. For corner installations, one or two flaps can be actively closed off.

All The Leading Brands

We stock the products listed below and can install other products upon request


Our team of HVAC advisors is devoted to delivering the highest level of comfort and temperature control in your home or workplace. Feel free to contact us to schedule an on-site consultation. Let us assess your needs and craft a custom heating and cooling solution perfectly tailored to your space. Moreover, experience the luxury of precise climate control with our state-of-the-art technology.