Who's Eligible?

Both homeowners and businesses in NSW.

Benefits for You:

Massive Savings: Cut your heating and cooling expenses by up to 50%!

Embark on a journey towards substantial personal savings by transitioning to energy-efficient air conditioning units.

Enjoy a remarkable reduction of up to 50% in your heating and cooling expenses, ensuring optimal comfort without breaking the bank.

This move isn't just about cost-cutting; it's a pathway to a more budget-friendly and sustainable lifestyle tailored to your financial well-being.

Lower Maintenance: Modern, efficient models tend to have fewer maintenance needs.

Experience the convenience of reduced maintenance hassles with energy-efficient air conditioning units.

Modern designs and advanced technology often translate to fewer service requirements, providing you with hassle-free operation and more time for what matters to you.

Enhanced Comfort: Experience more consistent temperatures and improved air quality in your space.

Elevate your personal comfort with energy-efficient air conditioning units that promise more consistent temperatures and improved air quality.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable temperature fluctuations and embrace a healthier living or working environment tailored to your well-being.

Peace of Mind: With the knowledge that you're using one of the latest and best technologies, backed by our expert support.


Benefits for You:

Steps to Secure Your Rebate: Space Measurement: Before anything else, measure the area you're considering for the installation. Contact Us: Reach out to BP Air and Electrical Services. Provide us with your space measurements to get the best advice. Select a Model: Based on our recommendations and your preferences, choose an energy-efficient air conditioner. Enjoy Installation: Our team ensures a hassle-free installation process. Claim Your Rebate: After installation, we'll guide you on claiming your rebate under the NSW Energy Saving scheme.