Different types of air conditioner options


Pros + Cons

Choices Choices Choices

Do you find that there are too many choices these days when it comes to the type of air conditioner that you could purchase? If so, then be rest assured that I can help make the decision easier for you! Let’s check out the pros and cons of some options:

Evaporative air conditioning (or perhaps you may have heard someone refer to them as the old swampy) – these systems work well in our climate and are super energy efficient which means lower running costs. They require minimal maintenance and are a smart option for allergy-prone individuals. However, on the downside, these systems do not function the best in humid weather and may have the tendency to build up salt and mineral deposits which will require removing and cleaning. And because the unit is located on the roof, this can sometimes prove a tricky job.

Ducted air conditioning – these systems offer a very unobtrusive aesthetic; all the ductwork is hidden, and the control is usually a small device mounted in a suited location within your home. They can offer to cool your entire home with even the option of different temperatures for different rooms. They are seemly quiet to run. On the downside of this system, they are the most expensive system to install and don’t generally suit homes with small spaces.

Split system – perfectly suited for small homes and single rooms. They are cheaper to install than a ducted system and you always have the option of adding more systems as you need. A characteristic which can turn people away from this type of system is its appearance. The internal and external unit can be somewhat not aesthetically appealing to the eye. These systems also struggle with cooling a large area.

And one last option is the humble ceiling fan. Not technically an air conditioner but it would be silly of me not to include them in this topic. The addition of a ceiling fan to one of the above options could prove to be the best solution to keep your home cool and comfortable this Summer!

Still can’t decide then please give me a call 0488 211 006 and we can chat further, otherwise, till next time, stay cool!