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BP Air Services Installation

As a family run business we understand the challenges around running a household, budgets and paying bills! Next minute…. Bang! There goes the dishwasher!

Few of us are in the position to have excess money to spend when our appliances decide to turn up their toes, but this doesn’t mean you have to spend the winter in the cold or sweltering under the sprinkler in summer. 

BP Air’s goal is always to keep you comfortable, so we have several initiatives which we and our partners can offer to support you achieving this goal, keeping you and the family warm this winter and cool this summer!

Got gas?

Australian Gas Networks- Lucky NSW and VIC residents may be eligible for up to a $1000 rebate paid directly to your account when you upgrade your existing gas appliances (yes- not just heating) or install new gas heating within your existing home!

Even more exciting- if you are a NEW gas connection you may be eligible for a further $500 connection bonus!

Offer ends Dec 31st 2021!

Fujitsu’s Free Money!

Our great partners at fujitsu are offering FREE money with up to $500 cash back when you purchase an eligible Fujitsu branded split system. If you have been thinking about installing units or changing one over this may help with the costs!

Offer ends August 31st 2021

Zip pay

Everyone’s favourite payment portal- get your heating and cooling now and pay later! 

Our great partners at zip pay offer up to 24months interest free on your heating and cooling installation so don’t put off getting a new unit or changing over the old! Give us a call and one can have you warm and free of financial stress and strain this winter!

Hitchi free wifi!

Love the idea of getting home and finding your home already pre-warmed for you?? Hitachi are offering a free wifi upgrade for customers who purchase any ‘S’ series split system until the end of June 2021.

Offer ends June 30th 2021.

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