The canola is out, the trees are beginning to blossom, magpies are making their nests (and swooping is about to start). It can only mean one thing – spring is here!

With the Winter rain almost gone now is a great time to get those solar panels checked and conditioned for optimal use over the sunny spring, summer, and autumn periods!

Water is not enough

Most people are unaware that water alone is not enough to keep your panels functioning at optimal level. And let’s face it we have them installed to see the $$$ go down and the efficiency go up.

Water is not sufficient to wash the grime, dust, and, public enemy #1, bird dropping off the panels. So, if you like to DIY, our advice is to use a low pH detergent and only a hose.

I know it is tempting to get up there with the high-pressure hose and “give her a good blast” however you run a high risk of cracking or damaging key componentry (watch the efficiency drop then!?!?).

Stay away from the chemicals

Use of home cleaning chemicals can also leave a residue and encourage the accumulation of dirt and grime.

Gentle brushing with a soft bristle brush to wash aware any bird droppings and good rinsing with a hose should have the panels clean and increase efficiency for you!

Call in the experts

Now this being said, there is obvious risk when combining water + heights… this can spell disaster!

You may want to consider giving us a call to come and clean the units. We can also offer additional inspection with our qualified electrician and referral to our solar specialist friends should you require any repairs.

Either way, make sure your panels are clean this spring and get the most during the upcoming sunny season.