Ducted Reverse Cycle vs Evaporative Cooling


Whether you ascribe to the climate change theory or not, one thing we have all noticed is summer is getting warmer and more humid!

With the use of air conditioning no longer considered a luxury item within the home and now a necessity let’s talk all things coolingso you can ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck!

Evaporative Coolers

Most new home builds come with standard evaporative cooling, most with a standard “gas add on” (gas central heating) and/or wood fire. What we are finding is that only 1-2 years later we are receiving calls to install split systems into areas of the home which are still considerably hot during the summer season.

Evaporative coolers are definitely the cheaper unit to run during the summer months. Lower power costs mean lower overall cost to the home owner but we need to also bear in mind hidden costs such as increased water consumption- which is the primary mechanism of cooling for the unit. Another hidden cost is the need for a gas central heating add on to ensure climate control is maintained during the winter months. With the price of gas unregulated this can be an expensive heating method and hidden cost over the winter months.

Ducted Reverse Cycle

The popular opinion is that ducted (or some may know it as reverse cycle or refrigerated) cooling is only for those with medical degrees and BMWs, but we would like to discuss how ducted reverse cycle is fast becoming a very affordable option!

Whilst the initial outlay of the ducted system is a more costly exercise, if you compare it to the price of an evaporative cooler and gas central heater (not to mention we almost ALWAYS put in split systems after 1 year) the cost of the ducted is almost the same price!

We have stated that yes, running costs are higher with ducted reverse cycle systems souse of electricity will increase. However, if you have a solar system installed the cost will reduce significantly. If you are one of the homes who has gone onto install a split system after evaporative then your costs are likely to be almost the same over a 1-year period!

Bring in the experts

Whichever option you choose to heat and cool your home, the use of a qualified refrigeration mechanic will ensure the design and layout of your system (think ducting in the roof, positioning of vents etc) will optimise the efficiency and running to reduce costs to you at all times.

Keep your long-term plans in mind and consider and discuss your options with your installer – You may receive a pleasant surprise!