What is good service?


Four years ago BP Air was founded through Ben’s frustration with the reputation of the trade industry not being reliable.

Regular feedback on tradespeople not turning up, or turning up but never providing a quote after attending, were common. Ben was and still is passionate about turning this around and it is one of his key drivers to be able to buck the trend and provide a consistently reliable service to our customers.

So, what is good service in the trade industry?

We are interested in hearing your feedback on this one as we don’t always get it right, but boy we try hard!!

1.      Reliability and Trust
Showing up! If you have reached out to a company, having them show up at the agreed time is the least you should ask. Should the company not be able to attend at the agreed time or if they are running behind then courtesy would have them contact you to let you know.

At BP air you will have a phone call at the start of the week to confirm your date and time and a text the day prior to confirm again. Finally, on the day, you will have a phone call or text from the team member who will be attending to let you know they are on their way.  Communication is EVERYTHING to us!

2.      Clarity and transparency
Nobody likes to be blindsided on prices. Obviously, there is only so much we can see when we quote jobs and from time to time there will be jobs that don’t go to plan. However, being clear on price and if there are any additional finds during works is paramount.

At BP air we endeavour to quote most of our works to give you a price that will reflect the works being completed. This allows you to feel comfortable you know what you will be paying. If the team finds something outside of the square while tending to your job we will stop works and speak with you about this. That’s so we can make an alternative plan that you are comfortable with.

3.      Relationships
Once you find a good tradesperson you want to stick with them! They know the details on your air conditioner and its history. Or they have installed your electrical wiring and know the layout of your home intimately. They are reliable and you can TRUST they will show up and work in your best interest. And, likewise, they can rely on you to provide them with feedback to keep delivering good service.

While we admit we do not always get it right; we welcome feedback on ways we can improve! We try so hard to deliver high quality, value for money service and our overall goal as always is to Keep you comfortable!

If you would like to provide any feedback, please feel free to email us, admin@bpairservices.com.au. Thank you.