Three hot reasons to have a wood fire


There is little doubt in our minds that one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of heating is the humble wood fire. Wood fires are a great option to consider when heating your home, here’s why:

Cost Benefit

In most rural areas and smaller towns firewood offers the lowest cost energy source for domestic heating. You may wish to purchase a load of wood from your local woodcutter, do a local search on facebook or gumtree, or if you are the more adventurous type- set out on your own firewood adventure! For this you will need:

  • A permit or land-owners permission

  • Trailer

  • Chainsaw

  • Some gumption!

Combine this adventure with a picnic lunch in the countryside and voila! A great family outing and the opportunity to teach your children that a little hard work never hurt anyone, and nothing comes for free!

Environmental Impact

Another wonderful benefit of wood fire heating its reduced environmental impact.

Wood heaters deliver low greenhouse gas emissions. Contrary to what many people believe, wood heating delivers the smallest greenhouse footprint of all heating options, so you can keep comfortable and have peace of mind knowing you’re safeguarding the environment for your family’s future.

Inline Fans

Did you know that your wood fire can be ducted? Enter the inline fan!This ingenious technology draws the heat from your wood fire and pushes it along ductwork to vents in designated rooms to disperse the heat throughout the home- brilliant! No more freezing second lounge rooms or cold bedrooms- everyone is happy!

We are spending a lot more time inside this Winter and it is important that you and your family are staying warm.  Give us a call to discuss some cost effective heating solutions for you and your family!