So, you have just been to old Harvey Norman, Bing Lee or JB Hi-Fi and purchased a new TV with you-beaut wifi.  Or maybe you are more of a gamer with the need for great audio effects? Perhaps the washing machine or fridge have been on the blink and you have lashed out with a newbie?

If you are in the market for something new, we recommend choosing appliances with higher star ratings which are more energy efficient and thus will cost you less in the long run!

Safety First

Whether you’re yet to buy, or you have already outlaid the large amount on your purchase, it’s important to get it connected safely.

Not all appliances and white goods can be connected the same.

For example, fridges are required to be transported in an upright position. When they have been tipped they need to remain switched off for double the period of time in which they have been tipped to ensure the refrigerant has settled again.

Electrical equipment and appliances require safe connection and ample RCBO (Residential Current Breaker) points to protect your family and home.

Without ample RCBO at the board it leaves you open to the risk of power deficits (think blinking of lights when you turn items on in the home), power surges to your home, or in the worst case scenario – fire!

Installing and repairing

I’ll let you in on a secret…. BP Air can install and REPAIR most of your white goods!

Finally, do you love a good bit of gadgetry?

We can help get you started with:

  • home wifi connection

  • google homes

  • theatre audio

  • heating and cooling wifi (be warm before you even get out of bed)

  • security monitoring systems

  • the lot.

Give us a tingle today, 0488 211 006, or flick us an email, admin@bpairservices.com.au.