Hot water services


Good morning! It’s time to start your routine! Wake up…toilet… coffee… shuffle to the shower for the much-needed warm blast in this wintery wonderland of North East Vic/ Southern NSW. Only to find… Nothing, nada, zip, zilch! Ice cold chill runs over your hands or even worse- your body!? (insert shocked emoji here)

There is a reason that rental agents can give immediate approval for the replacement of a hot water service. Nobody – and I mean NOBODY wants to be showering in cold water at this time of year!!  When it comes to your hot water needs, let’s look at the options available to help you decide which system is best suited for your home… before disaster strikes and you’re left in the cold!

Electric hot water

These systems are the cheapest for install if you are replacing an existing electric hot water system. However, they are not our most energy-efficient systems – meaning running costs are often high. To reduce running costs, you can speak with your energy provider to see whether they offer an off-peak tariff which will save you power and money.  Another option would be to install a heat-pump hot water system which is a more energy-efficient electric option. These systems generate heat by running like an air-conditioner in reverse (no wonder we like them). 

Solar hot water 

This is a more expensive option for first installation, but the sunny Albury/ Wodonga and surrounding area means you will enjoy a lower running cost in the long-term.  You may worry about gloomy days impacting your much needed hot shower, but these systems have either a gas or electric booster – or even a heat-pump system – to ensure hot water, stored in an insulated tank, is always available.

Gas hot water

Cheaper than solar, and the chosen for continuous flow systems. If you have natural gas plumbed to your home this can be a great option! For areas without natural gas this can add up as a heavy expense so tread cautiously.  

Signs your hot water may be on its way to replacement may be;

• Hot water has a strange metallic taste

• You are getting less hot water.

• Water is leaking out of the system.

• The temperature fluctuates and the water pressure and flow rate vary. 

The average hot water system should last about 10-years so choosing wisely is important for a worthwhile long-term investment.

Still unsure? We can help you decide which option is best suited to your situation and our qualified plumbers can install your new hot water system. Contact us today.