Do I really need to upgrade my switchboard?


Electricity… the item all around your home that you can’t see, but when it goes wrong- it’s very noticeable and potentially lethal!

Electrical switchboards are a common way you can reduce the risk to your family. Be safe and upgrade to protect your family and home!

So what does the switchboard do?

We have all seen the large power poles outside (although most power is now underground, hopefully you aren’t too young to remember power poles- LOL!). They run the mains power from your street to your home and the first contact point is at the electrical switchboard.

The switchboard is the main focal point for all electrical operations in and around your home. It distributes electricity via componentry through the home and into your kettle for that cuppa or the beer fridge too keep the liquid amber icy cold!

Given it is the main entry point and driving force behind all the power in your home, we naturally need to keep it safe and updated to ensure the protection of your family.

Current Australian electrical standards mandate that all domestic and residential installations are required to have safe circuit breakers and RCD (Residual current devices installed).

So what does that mean I hear you ask?!?!?

A circuit breaker is designed to disconnect or shut down power if too much is flowing through to protect the home and its contents from surges.

An RCD, in short, protects you and your family from electrical fires and/or electrical shocks!

If the RCD detects electrical current running down an incorrect path or the current is too large it shuts off the electricity instantly, significantly decreasing the risk of death or severe injury from an electrical mishap!

So where to from here?

Does your switchboard look like this?

If so, now is the time to act!

A switchboard upgrade will vary from home to home and will involve the replacement or upgrade of all fuses to safe circuit breakers and RCDs. This is then enclosed behind a panel and finalised when your electrician tests the entire installation and residence.

BP Air can offer you an obligation free quote to have your switchboard upgraded and make your home as safe as possible, while meeting Australian electrical standards!

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