Innovation and changes at BP Air


As the business world pivots in response to COVID-19 we too at BP Air are making changes which will help us deliver our service to you in the safe and reliable manner we strive for.  

ZOOM/ FaceTime 

We have been innovating and would like to introduce… Zoom and FaceTime diagnosis and discussion. 

We are in lock down…. Your heater makes a funny noise… What now? 

Give us a call. We can arrange a time to FaceTime or Zoom call you. During this appointment, we will instruct you over the phone to assess the unit and where possible, make a diagnosis via phone. Then we can arrange parts/ repair/ replacement without having to attend and place your family at risk.1 


Hygiene Standards 

Most of you are now aware of our policy relating to hygiene. 

  • Social distancing at all times 1.5m from others 

  • Contactless service (where available)- Staff will phone on arrival, clients will be asked to remain in another area of the home/ business, we will attend to the task and phone on completion and payment can be made via EFT over the phone.  

  • Sanitation of all hands, tools and clothing on arrival and exit during the task.  

  • Wearing masks at all times. 

Payments and deposits 

We are politely requesting to secure your booking that you pay a deposit. 

Price of deposit will be the cost of your unit if having an installation completed, or the cost of parts if having a repair.  

For servicing, pre-payment will be requested prior to commencing works. This can be made in the form of an over-the-phone payment when the technician arrives or cash left in an envelope in the letterbox (our staff will be wearing gloves when collecting).  


*All installation and services MUST have a deposit or payment before we proceed. We thank you for your understanding with this process change and encourage you to reach out if you require additional support such as payment plans.