We continue to hear Scott Morrison, Gladys Berejiklian and Daniel Andrews refer to essential services… but who are they?

We are best to assume in the coming weeks we may all be quarantined or “locked down” in the event COVID 19 continues to impact our country. Our leaders have made it clear that only essential services will remain trading, the question remains amongst businesses large and small- who is essential?

We have been researching other countries who have moved to lock down to gauge what and who may still be available in the event we are placed in a nationwide lock down.

The consistent services appear to have been:

  • Agriculture

  • Supermarkets

  • Freight and distribution

  • Medical

  • Energy providers

  • Trades; plumbing, refrigeration, mechanics, glaziers.

  • Fuel stations

So with the assumption BP Air may continue through a lock down we have created ways to deliver our service with minimal contact and risk to our staff, community and customers. Our primary goal is to keep you comfortable and no more than ever as we move toward potential lock down we want to ensure you are both comfortable and safe during this period.

Some things you may want to consider during this time:

  • Has your air conditioning system been serviced? COVID-19 is an airborne virus so it is essential that your air conditioning system is running at its most optimised level to ensure the health and safety of your family.

  • Is it time to consider an evaporative cooling cover to protect your unit from airborne contaminants and damage to evaporative pads?

  • Have you placed your evaporative unit into shut down for the cooler months? We will place a video on how to complete a shut down shortly!

  • Have you cleaned the filters in your air system to improve its output and the quality of air? Even better- teach the kids to do it whilst they’re being home-schooled- Let’s call it life skills education! Instructional video to come.

  • Has your gas heater been serviced???? Possibly the most essential of all checks coming into the winter period. Make sure you use a qualified gas plumber to check the componentry of your unit and service it.  A standard service should ALWAYS include carbon monoxide testing to ensure the safety of yourself and those within your home!

We believe BP Air will remain open and active during this period. We have staff on both sides of the border in the event of state border lockdowns and our suppliers will also remain open.

If you would like anything relating to heating, cooling, electrical during this period please do not hesitate to give us a call.