Our cooler doesn’t seem to be cooling as well?


Our cooler doesn’t seem to be cooling as well?

“HELP! Our cooler is blowing hot air” or “HELP! The cooler isn’t cooling”

Some common calls for help we receive and as murphy’s law would have it it’s always at the least convenient time- the in-laws are coming, it’s Christmas or we are about to have a heatwave?!?!

Let’s discuss the two main reasons you may experience this and what you can do!


Rain, sweet rain – it’s liquid gold, isn’t it?

The tanks are filling and the paddocks are getting some green pick. Life is good.

With moisture in the ground and warm weather comes the dreaded frizzy hair, sticky skin, greasy floors and foggy windows aka humidity!

We often receive calls from customers concerned their evap (commonly referred to as the swampy) is no longer cooling effectively.

Have you ever wet your finger and popped it in the air? Or jumped out of the pool and felt the chill of the air? This is how evaporative cooling works. The wind blowing across wet evaporative pads causes a cool draft.  But as heat and humidity increases, the evaporative pads start to heat and thus warm air is blown from the unit instead of cool air.

What can you do?

Evaporative coolers work best when the outdoor humidity is between 30-50%.

If you notice your evaporative is not cooling as effectively, your floor is greasy or there is moisture on your benches – the best action to take is to turn off the “pump” and run the fan only feature of your unit.

This will ensure you are still being cooled in your home and will reduce the moisture in your home.

Evaporative Pump Failure

Have you noticed your evap is blowing warm air throughout the house?

Another reason why your evaporative cooling may not be working as effectively is the failure of the evaporative pump.

Evaporative pumps push the water through the evaporative pads which are then struck by fan air to push through the ducting and into your home.

From time to time they will fail and will result in the air from the outside being delivered uncooled throughout the house.

What can you do?

Call your local air conditioning mechanic (cough, cough BP Air) and we will arrange to come to site and change the pump, ensuring that you are not sweltering, the in-laws are satisfied and Christmas can roll on!