Wood fire efficiency


Why would you choose a wood fire?

Wood fire heating continues to prove to be a popular choice for many Australian households.

Most of us live in regional settings and in this case, lets make the most of where we live.

Did you know that there are close to 1 million homes that use wood fires for their heating? This means that there are also close to 1 million homes that are gaining the benefits of choosing to use this low-cost energy source.

You benefit by having a wood fire…

There are many benefits that come with wood fire heating. Not only are you saving money for your family, but you are also making a difference and helping the environment. Let’s not forget the attractive and aesthetics that wood fires can offer.


  • Low cost energy source – the cost for running a wood fire is amongst the lowest energy source available.

  • Improved thermal heating.

  • Economically smart choice – living in our regional location we are fortunate to have access to split, dry firewood available at reasonable prices.

  • Own supply – if you are fortunate to have access to your own supply then the cost is simply some time, plus fuel for transport and chainsaw.

Environmental & sustainable

  • You have chosen to use a renewable energy source to keep your family warm.

  • If teamed with a heat transfer kit, you can multiply your savings.

  • By choosing to use wood fire as your domestic heating, you have actually chosen an energy source which has low greenhouse emissions.

  • Wood fires have one of the smallest greenhouse foot prints.


  • Attractive appearance – just because it’s a heat source doesn’t mean design and appearance have to be forgotten or compromised.

  • Ambiance that can be added to your home for entertaining and living are precious and worth considering.

While you consider whether you would like to make the switch to wood fire heating, I will be chocking up my wood fire, ready to sit back in my cosy and warm lounge.

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