Invest in a heating upgrade


Got a tax return? Invest in a heating upgrade

Did you get a tax return this year?

Have you considered what you may spend that money on? Perhaps upgrade your home heating…

I know, I know. There are lots of other priorities that you could spend your tax return on.

You could go to Rome, you could buy your better half a present, you could even put the money towards nabbing some grand final tickets for September.

 But…. Investing in your home by upgrading your current heating may be a sensible and smart choice to make. (That’s what Kate tells me!)

But seriously, let’s have a look why…

Adding value to your home – your biggest asset.

We have all heard this before and it makes sense. We all work hard towards owning and improving our home, so it is logical to make it the best it can be.

 Saving money on unnecessary repairs of old and tired systems

Old systems are money eaters when it comes to maintaining them. Newer systems are built much more efficiently, and they are a wiser investment than continually repairing the old one.

Improve energy efficiency with better-rated systems

The cost of heating our homes can be the most expensive bills we receive all year. So why not invest in systems that offer better energy efficiency and leave a bit extra cash in the back pocket.

Leave a better carbon footprint for the environment

Let’s face it – we are all aware of current topic when it comes to the environment. So why not help in small ways by upgrading or purchasing energy and environmentally friendly heating systems. By making better choices in heating, we can all help in small ways providing a better future for our kids.

You may be eligible for an energy rebate

Occasionally various governments may offer rebates for new and upgraded heating systems. There have been different incentives in the past. If you have the time, it may be worth a little research if it means you save some cash along the way. For more information on rebates, read this blog.

If you decide to invest in a heating upgrade, give us a call.