Four ways to keep your house warm this winter


Four ways to keep your house warm this winter

Winter is absolutely upon us! And who doesn’t want to ensure that their home is as warm as it can be during the cold and chilly months?

Whether you are building a new or have an existing home, there are some simple steps to consider ensuring you make the most of retaining the warmth of your home.

We have put together some added tips to share with you on how to ensure you are giving your entire home the best chance of retaining the warmth this winter.


Insulation is a key to your home’s warmth. Roofs and walls account for over 50% of heat escaping from your home. This can be easily reduced by the installation of appropriate graded insulation. Insulation comes in many gradings and values and it is important to choose what is appropriate for you and your environmental conditions.

Insulation acts as a barrier between the inside and outside of your home.

Double Glazed windows

Double Glazed windows are a superb investment if you are building from scratch or considering a renovation. The energy efficient qualities are equally beneficial through all seasons. They are also have the added benefit of noise reduction, which may be of interest to town and city dwellers.

Install shutters

Shutters can be installed both internally and externally. Whether you install internal or external shutters, both offer a dual-purpose benefit for your home.

Shutters allow for an extra layer of interior aesthetic or ‘street appeal’ to your home. The external shutters can give extra protection from the harsh winter winds and cold as do the internal shutters assist with draft control and retaining warmth.

Maintain your current heating systems

Maintenance may be a boring word but boy is it worth doing!

After deciding on the best heating system to keep your home and family warm, the next best thing you can do is to ensure you maintain your system. Little things like filter changes and cleaning vents are good places to start.

After all you want to ensure that your heating is working to its full potential with optimal air flow. A well running heating system will ensure you keep your energy costs to a minimum.

If you need your heating system serviced or cleaned, then please feel welcome to give us a call.