3 great reasons to install a heat transfer kit


Do you have rooms in your home that always feel cold?

Then you may benefit from installing a heat transfer kit.

A heat transfer kit is used for wood fires and natural gas heaters to warm the other areas of the home. And that means no cold bedrooms or second lounges anymore.

Here are 3 great reasons to install a heat transfer kit:

·       Practical and energy-efficient

·       No need for additional heater installation

·       Uses excess heat that would otherwise be wasted and circulates to heat all areas of the home.

In this modern day life, sustainable living is on the rise. Whether it is in your food choices, travel options, or general day to day purchases, it is everywhere!

So why not incorporate it into keeping your home warm and cozy throughout the winter months. Heat transfer kits have one key principle of ‘to transfer heat, not to waste it’.

Practical and Energy Efficient

It means that you are making better use of the heat and therefore being more energy-efficient, plus also saving unwanted costs. If you are fortunate to have access to free wood then this can doubly increase your cost efficiency.

No need for additional heater installation

By transferring the warm air, it allows the chill to be taken out of other rooms in your home. This can improve the comfort level within your home and in some cases may eliminate the need for extra heating in your cooler rooms. Imagine not having to run from your warm living area to dive into your bed with your electric blanket on high.

Uses excess heat

Heat transfer systems are designed to draw excess warm air from a room in your home and distribute to other cooler rooms. Most likely it will be your lounge, kitchen or living area which will have the primary source of heat being produced, for example a wood fire, space heater or panel heaters.

Make the most of your wood fire this winter and heat your home in a sustainable cosy fashion!

Give us a call if you would like to chat about whether a heat transfer system can benefit your home!