Top uses for split systems!


Top uses for split systems!

If you’ve been thinking of installing an air conditioning unit for your home, you might want to consider installing a split system. Why? Let’s get into it.

No Ducts!

Split systems can be up to 30% more efficient than ducted cooling, saving you $$$. This is because over time, the ducts in your ceiling can wear and are prone to leakages. Additionally, the cold air passing through the ductwork in these heated spaces can cause the air to lose some of its chill! Split systems are all chill AND cash saving!

Easy Breathing

A huge advantage of installing a split system is the ease-of-maintenance of your filters, which means that you and your family can stay in the allergen safe-zone! We know you want to keep all the unfriendly pollens and bugs outside where they belong. By following the instructions on filter cleaning and replacement, not only will your unit demand servicing less regularly as other AC’s, but you will effectively keep your house pollution-free!

Use me all year round

Split systems are cost-efficient all year round! They create heat by transfer rather than generating heat. In fact, using your split system for heating can use up to 60% less energy than other systems that use resistance-based heating.

You have all the control

Does your family all have different ‘body climates’? Or do you have that one room in your house that is just cooking? One of the serious advantages to having a (multi-head) split system is zone control. An outdoor unit can usually have up to four indoor units all handled individually through wall consoles, remote controls, and now… Even phone apps!  Technology + climate control have truly joined forces for this one.

Some recent models can monitor the real temperature of the room and adjust throughout the day. That means your space is as comfortable as it can be. And we all love that!

It’s easy for us too!

Split systems take out a lot of the complications can arise with other system installation. We can get your split system up and running on the day you book in with us. Contact Ben today on 0488 211 006 to let us keep you comfortable.